Marine Plywood

In tropical climate, Borers and termites damages plywood easily. Only high quality woods can defend such elements. Fortunately, MARINE PLYWOOD is made from selected species possessing a high degree of natural durability and therefore 100% safe from fatal insects.

Over and above, the Preservative Treatment turns it 200% safer from borer and termite attacks. On the other hand, this percentage of manufactures for use of preservative treatment, added with the freedom of using any type of wood, render such plywood protected from attacks of borers and termites.

Advantages of using Marine Plywood

  • Marine Plywood is available with Jaguar 710, CM/L No. 9307778.
  • It is borer and powder proof.
  • It is economical in comparison to other products due to durability.

Where Can Marine Plywood be used?

  • Ship Building
  • Cooling Towers
  • Elegant Furniture
  • Truck and Bus Body
  • Interiors/Exteriors
  • Kitchen Cabinets


Technical Specifications

Specific Gravity  .65 to .75
Nail Holding Strength above 100 kg
Screw Holding Strength  250kg
Bending Strength
      Along the Grain  400kgf/cm²
        Across The Grain  325kgf/cm²
Tensile Strength
         Along the Grain 420kgf/cm²
             Across the Grain  250kgf/cm²
Moisture Content 8%
Boiling Water Resistant  72 hours at 100 °C


Available Sizes/Range

Thickness (mm) : 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19, 21

Length (mm)
1840 920,1220
2140 920,1220
2440 920,1220