B.W.R. Grade Plywood

B.W.R. stands for Boiling and Water Resistant Grade Plywood. Our premium quality of B.W.R. confirms to the IS : 303-1989 standardization. It has been manufactured from selected stress and satin free hard wood with in-house manufactured PF resin.

‘Jaguar’ is resistible to extreme weather conditions like heavy moisture content of air, dryness, unbeatable heat, dense fog and all adverse atmospheric changes.


Where can B.W.R. Grade Plywood be Used?

  • Automobile frames
  • Railways
  • Bus coaches
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bathroom furnishing
  • Exterior hoardings
  • Sign boards
  • Dining table tops


Technical Specifications


Density Approx. 0.650 kg/m³
Glue Shear Strength(Dry) Minimum of 135kg.cm²
Glue Shear Strength(Wet)
(After 8 hours of boiling at 100⁰C)
Minimum of 100 kg.cm²
Moisture Content 7-12%
Bending Strength
Across the grains 357 – 420kg/cm²
Parallel to the grains 213 kg/cm²
Cycle Test in Dry and Wet Conditions (8/hours x 3 cycles) Passes
Standard Thickness (in mm) 3, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19
Standard Size (in feet) 8×4′;  8×3′
7×4′;  7×3′
6×4′;  6×3′